Water is the key to life on earth. While bodies of water range from oceans to rivers to lakes, it all plays a monumental role in the health of the world. Many of the products we use in our daily lives end up in waterways in one form or another if they are not properly disposed. Physical objects such as bottles and plastic bags pose a grave hazard to wildlife as animals get entrapped or consume the materials. Also, dangerous chemicals are dumped into waterways as a byproduct of many industrial practices every day.


What happens to our items when we no longer have any use for them? Waste is a monstrous sustainability topic in the United States. To start, American families and corporations waste billions of pounds of food. Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of clothing are thrown at away by retailers and individuals every year. Much of the energy we produce is wasted as we fail to pay attention to the production costs of our technology.

Many people have created initiatives to promote sustainability in the context of their environment, whether its the home, workplace, or larger society. There are many ways to get involved! To Support Initiatives in your area or to get involved, click here to get started